This may be a little expensive

A low-cost option Serviced office lease than to buy an office or lease business space and pay for its maintenance cost is much lower.Serviced office rental is very practical and convenient, because th

No long-term commitment

In fact, this service is relatively cheap to improve its visibility. Convenience combined with low expenses are small and medium-sized business owners are looking for something. Usually monthly payme

immediately ready to move in

so employees can focus on their projects. these can reduce the start-up costs, flexibility, support services and office, which often is immediately ready to move in. Serviced office space, a key adva


發揮長沙市的交通和區位優勢,建設一批符合電子商務發展需要的物流配送中心,按照“統一規劃、合理佈局”的要求,利用現有資源,建立和完善電子商務倉儲物流配送基地。   完善電子商務物流服務體系   加強在線支付體系建設。加快支付服務手段創新,鼓勵金融機構及電信運營商開發麵向消費者的電子錢包、手機支付等新型在線支付產品,重點打造全國領先的移動支付平台,帶動移動支付產業鏈的發展。   大力發展電子

leading mobile payment platform

Improve the level of e-commerce applications. To promote large-scale enterprises to deepening the e-commerce applications, and promote the use of third-party e-commerce service platform for SMEs to ca


  提高企業電子商務應用水平。推進大型企業深化電子商務應用,推動中小企業運用第三方電子商務服務平台,開展在線採購、銷售、結算等電子商務應用,支持企業以供應鏈管理系統爲核心,爲行業內上下遊企業提供採購、銷售、庫存、物流等全程電子商務服務,帶動行業協同發展。   推動電子商務應用普及和深化 十二五期間長沙電子商務產業發展面臨三大任務 長沙市電子商務重點建設工程,以中移動電子商務公司的移動支付系

comprehensive competitiveness

From the public, life will become more convenient, entrepreneurship becomes easier. Future, online shopping mode will greatly innovative, mobile e-commerce, e-commerce community, O2O mode (line online

To the business opportunities

The impact of electronic commerce on the people's will is huge, more than a decade, e-commerce has become an important part of production and living, this trend in the future will become more apparent